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Should You Use QuickBooks for Mac 2022?

However, some data, such as categories, may not transfer. Xero has the most available customer support, with hours being around the clock every day of the week. For someone who prefers to speak with a real person, QuickBooks has weekday and weekend hours for customers. Although QuickBooks Online has all the features we need, it hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing. It’s finicky inGoogle Chrome, my current browser of choice.

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Accountants love QuickBooks (even if authors don’t)

The original post indicated she was running QB on Windows currently and wanted to start using a Mac. Most responses are showing how she can continue using the same version on a Mac, due to her presumed familiarity with the look and feel of the product. Things like Parallels, VMWare, Virtual Box, etc. let you do that. With Parallels the Mac runs both Windows and MacOS applications. Each in separate windows, but you really can’t tell which is which.

For example, even after instructing Chrome to let the site open pop-up windows, most of those windows are far too small and have to be resized manually. Check printing works, but you can adjust only the overall alignment, not the location of individual form elements—some of which don’t line up correctly on our check stock. But on the whole, the online version has been fine. Yes, if a client has taken the QuickBooks license on lease from us, then the version upgrade will be free of cost for him/her. Upgraded features like multiple monitor support and copy and shortcuts are small yet effective features, that can save some bits of total processing time during busy hours.

PC vs Mac

Been using QuickBooks for Mac for a small sole proprietor business for many many years and I am now learning that Intuit will not be supporting Mac OS 10.12 Sierra. They force you to upgrade to ‘version 16’, which, like Adobe, forces you to store your docs in a cloud and PAY A MONTLY FEE. I confirmed with Intuit sales who of course kept pressuring me to sign up. Bad form Intuit – frankly speaking THIS SUCKS and you’ve lost a long time customer.

Despite my misgivings, I agreed to use QuickBooks to keep my accountant happy. Mac users who want to useIntuit’s QuickBooks have plenty of choices—we can run the Mac, Windows, or Web app version. One of those options probably pops out as an obvious choice, but as I recently discovered, the least-obvious solution is sometimes the best one. The Mac version is very definitely a “lite” version of what people think of when they think of Quickbooks.

This was done on July 6th with only a day warning. I bring this up only because it’s a huge deal for a lot of QB small business users. I’m also not familiar with the file differences between the PC and Mac versions of QB. When it comes to interchangeing them I suppose it would be just like you had two machines side-by-side. They have three or fewer employees who will use the accounting software. We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence.

QuickBooks Mac Plus features

Sourcing the best Mac apps and software for over a million users since 1997. Any applications that rely on the QuickBooks SDK, WebConnector, or App Center to access QuickBooks data will not integrate with QuickBooks Desktop for Mac. QuickBooks Desktop for Mac exchanges data with the online QuickBooks Payroll for Mac service. Payroll is not part of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac as it is on Windows. But if you’re referring to QuickBooks Desktop mobile app, you can only transfer the uploaded receipts. Currently, this is the functionality available due to the system requirements necessary to run the program.

QuickBooks for Mac is the popular QuickBooks accounting software that is designed to work on a Mac. Users can choose from the online version or the desktop version that resides on your Mac. For QuickBooks users, converting to the Mac operating platform should be easy, especially if they are familiar with how Macs work. Read our comprehensive QuickBooks for Mac review to decide if this popular accounting and invoicing software is the right choice for your needs and budget.

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  • One of those options probably pops out as an obvious choice, but as I recently discovered, the least-obvious solution is sometimes the best one.
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By submitting this form, you agree to our privacy policy. We use your data for communication only, and you can opt out at any time. I hope this comparison will give you a quick look at new, enhanced and improved features in QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2018 for Windows Desktop. In summary, QuickBooks for Mac can be a very good option for you if your needs are relatively simple and you don’t need as much integration with the outside world . The good news is that QuickBooks for Mac is not a dead-end.

Is QuickBooks Mac Plus right for your business?

To the best of our knowledge, all content is accurate as of the date posted, though offers contained herein may no longer be available. The opinions expressed are the author’s alone and have not been provided, approved, or otherwise endorsed by our partners. Windows and Mac software versions can convert from one file to the other.

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QuickBooks for Mac Online also syncs bank transactions automatically, categorizing them so that you don’t have to spend extra time doing it. Our accountant all but insisted that we use QuickBooks so that she could easily view and update our financial records. However, I don’t like that the Mac versions of both QuickBooks and Quicken have for years lagged behind the Windows versions, and I find that expensive annual updates rarely add crucial features. Recently, I also learned about themillions Intuit spent lobbying to keep tax returns complicated.


QuickBooks Desktop for Mac is built as a Mac product from the ground up, so the interface will be familiar if you’ve used other Mac applications. If you’re used to using keyboard shortcuts on Windows, they’ll be different on the Mac. See our article for a complete list of shortcuts on the Mac. Forbes Advisor adheres to strict editorial integrity standards.

All ratings are determined solely by our how to calculate stockholders equity. I find it incredible that in 2013 I have to even think about different platforms using different file formats. And I’m astonished that given three options—the native Mac app, the native Windows app, or the Web app—the Mac version of QuickBooks turned out to be the worst choice for my business. But our books are in order and our accountant is content. And I’ve learned that sometimes the best tool for a Mac isn’t a Mac app at all.

There is no Accountant’s Copy, meaning sharing files with your accountant is more complicated. This accounting product has more limitations than QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. Fully integrated small business accounting system. When buying the online version, it’s important to note that the $15 is higher than most competitors and is still just an introductory rate. Expect to pay $30 per month after the first three months are completed. If you have any questions about the program, just drop me a line.

With the desktop version, you’ll need to access the latest version with new features and security patches via downloaded updates, making this a less secure version than the QuickBooks Online version. Customize invoices, sales receipts, estimates and statements. Organize your expenses so that you are ready for tax season with everything categorized properly for your accountant.

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Supporting multiple monitors to improve your productivity is just the beginning. Whether you are going to upgrade from your older version to QuickBooks 2018 or you are just wondering what is new in 2018 version, this handy comparison will cover everything. Initially, I assumed I’d buy theMac version of QuickBooks 2013 (), but when I read Macworld’s review, I discovered that the app’s data files aren’t cross-platform compatible.